We bring patients safe and effective and inexpensive drugs as quickly as possible

  • Modifying existing medicines to improve their efficacy
  • Using existing medicines in new indications
  • Creating new chemical entities

About us

SEEK brings safe, effective and low cost treatments to patients, in the shortest time possible, to radically improve human health in major disease areas.
Headquartered in London, we research, develop and sell over the counter and prescription medicines, and manage and operate a number of clinics.

SEEK Group develops products in the following ways:

  • Modifying existing medicines to improve their efficacy within current label, dose and regimen;
  • Using existing medicines in new indications with or without changing the dose and regimen;
  • Creating a new chemical entity when the previous options are unavailable.

What we do

SEEK Group researches and develops treatments in the following ways

  • Improving Existing Medicines
  • Existing Medicines Off-Label Use
  • Existing Medicines New Label
  • New Chemical Entities
  • Improving Existing Medicines
  • Existing Medicines Off-Label Use
  • Existing Medicines New Label
  • New Chemical Entities

We use modern biological techniques and knowledge to understand the mechanisms of action of existing medicines and to modify these medicines using approved excipients to enhance their interaction with defined pharmacological targets.

The dose and regimen of the medicines are not altered so the safety profile remains unchanged but the efficacy of the medicines in their current labelled indications improves. This approach enables these medicines to be brought to market quickly via generic or similar pathways with a low level of risk. However, instead of competing on price like generic pharmaceutical companies we compete on efficacy differentials. infirst HEALTHCARE mainly undertakes this activity.

We have a deep understanding of the mechanism of action that specific existing medicines have for their labelled use and how these mechanisms are involved in other diseases. The medicines are used off-label where applicable in accordance with regulatory guidelines by parties approved to prescribe such medicines. The dose and regimen are maintained and the duration of use is no longer than the maximum shown to be safe in humans. Only medicines that have an acceptable safety profile, with demonstrable human data showing efficacy in the new disease, will be used. Our clinics are established with appropriate clinicians working in them who will administer these medicines to patients who visit the clinic and who satisfy required guidelines. Time to market for these medicines is short and risk is low. This activity is undertaken via Health Clinics Limited.

This activity is similar to improving existing medicines (above), except that we require a new licence for the medicine for the new indication along with a new dose and regimen. This is a truncated pathway to market because of the medicines previous well-established use but the time to market is still moderate, as are the financial risks. ValiSEEK Ltd

When no existing drugs can be modified to address a particular disease then the SEEK Group makes an entirely new medicine. We only undertake this activity when we have a clear differentiation in the target or approach compared with our competitors and for major diseases that do not have an existing effective treatment. These products can take a long time to get to market and the investment risks are higher.

Management Team

A strong team of executives and scientists with long-term pharmaceutical and healthcare industry experience, encompassing research discovery and development, finance and business development, sales and marketing, that all combine to contribute towards SEEK’s success.

  • Gregory A. Stoloff B.Com, M.Ec, ACA
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr Robin Bannister Ph.D.
    CEO Strategy and Business Development
  • John Brew B.Sc., MPhil
    Head of Biology
  • Dr Olga Pleguezuelos
    Scientific Officer and Project manager

Gregory Stoloff founded SEEK – formerly known as PepTcell – in 2004 after a distinguished career in investment banking spanning 20 years, working in a broad range of institutions including Deutsche Bank and UBS.

He initially concentrated on corporate finance and was involved in numerous mergers and acquisitions and structured finance with an emphasis on the healthcare industry, including mergers by GlaxoSmithKline, Aventis and Pfizer. Gregory then moved on to concentrate on project finance and was involved in financings for major pharmaceutical companies such as Roche, Merck and Novartis and across various other sectors. Gregory also has a wealth of experience in advising and working with medical research companies.

Gregory is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has spent many years researching scientific medical issues, specifically related to the immune system. He has also been involved in several publications, recounting research in the peptide space and is listed as an inventor in numerous patents for cancer, HIV, mosquito-borne diseases and influenza.

Gregory has been instrumental in the development of the concepts pursued by SEEK and has been the driving force behind the Group’s continued growth and diversification.

Robin Bannister joined the Group in 2008 when his Company, Biocopea, was acquired by SEEK – then known as PepTcell. Robin focuses on the discovery of novel biology based on existing drugs and drug templates and the subsequent identification and exploitation of high–value, low-risk products. Robin is a successful drug-discovery and development entrepreneur. Before founding Biocopea, Robin co-founded Arakis, which successfully discovered, developed and licensed a pipeline of products and was acquired by Sosei Corporation in 2005. Arakis’ pipeline was the basis for successfully raising over £50m during a five-year period. Arakis licensed its lead product to Novartis, in the largest European biotech deal in 2005, with a headline value of $325m and was subsequently sold to Sosei Corporation in the same year. Robin served on the Board of Sosei until leaving in 2008. Prior to this, Robin was at Chiros, Chiroscience and Celltech (as Preclinical Development Director). Robin’s early career was at Smith Kline and French. Robin is a chemist by background training and studied at Imperial College, London receiving his PhD in 1988.

Pharmacologist with experience in animal models, toxicology, regulatory and project management.

PhD from Aberdeen University and postdocs at Newcastle and Queen Mary universities – experienced in immunological assays and clinical trial project management


SEEK Group has a strong portfolio of established assets. The strategy is to incubate new businesses and to spin out companies when they reach a certain stage of development allowing them to access external funding for growth.

The first spin-out was the consumer healthcare company, infirst HEALTHCARE, which is commercialising improved and innovative OTC treatments for cough/cold, inflammatory pain, wound healing and paediatric gastric irritation. The second spin-out was Health Clinics Limited – which operates Care Oncology, a specialist clinic with expertise in metabolic oncology.

The third spin-out was ValiSEEK Ltd, re-purposing old medicines for use in oncology.

The fourth spin-out was Imutex Ltd, a vaccines development company with products in development for Zika, Malaria, HIV and influenza.

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