About us

SEEK brings safe, effective and low cost treatments to patients, in the shortest time possible, to radically improve human health in major disease areas.
Headquartered in London, we research, develop and sell over the counter and prescription medicines, and manage and operate a number of clinics.

SEEK Group develops products in the following ways:

  • Modifying existing medicines to improve their efficacy within current label, dose and regimen;
  • Using existing medicines in new indications with or without changing the dose and regimen; or
  • Creating a new chemical entity when the previous options are unavailable.

SEEK Group has a deep and diversified research pipeline. In order to maximise our pipeline opportunities we create separate operating companies, to house products of a similar nature, when those products are ready for external funding or partnerships. We have established a strong portfolio of assets. We spin out companies when they reach a certain stage of development and/or to access external funding. The first spin out was the consumer healthcare company, infirst HEALTHCARE, which has a portfolio of products in pain, cough/cold, wound healing and gastric issues. The second spin out was Health Clinics Limited which provides treatment services for cancer initially but will provide treatment for other diseases as well. The third spinout was ValiSEEK, which is researching an existing medication for lung and prostate cancer. The fourth spin out is Imutex which is researching vaccines for Flu and mosquito diseases.

Our lead companies are:

The SEEK Group,founded in 2004, continues to expand both organically and by acquisition.