What we do

SEEK Group researches and develops treatments in the following ways:

  • Improving Existing Medicines. We use modern biological techniques and knowledge to understand the mechanisms of action of existing medicines and to modify these medicines using approved excipients to enhance their interaction with defined pharmacological targets. The dose and regimen of the medicines are not altered so the safety profile remains unchanged but the efficacy of the medicines in their current labelled indications improves. This approach enables these medicines to be brought to market quickly via generic or similar pathways with a low level of risk. However, instead of competing on price like generic pharmaceutical companies we compete on efficacy differentials. infirst HEALTHCARE mainly undertakes this activity.
  • Existing Medicines Off-Label Use. We have a deep understanding of the mechanism of action that specific existing medicines have for their labelled use and how these mechanisms are involved in other diseases. The medicines are used off-label where applicable in accordance with regulatory guidelines by parties approved to prescribe such medicines. The dose and regimen are maintained and the duration of use is no longer than the maximum shown to be safe in humans. Only medicines that have an acceptable safety profile, with demonstrable human data showing efficacy in the new disease, will be used. Our clinics are established with appropriate clinicians working in them who will administer these medicines to patients who visit the clinic and who satisfy required guidelines.  Time to market for these medicines is short and risk is low. This activity is undertaken via Health Clinics Limited.
  • Existing Medicines New Label. This activity is similar to improving existing medicines (above), except that we require a new licence for the medicine for the new indication along with a new dose and regimen. This is a truncated pathway to market because of the medicines previous well-established use but the time to market is still moderate, as are the financial risks. ValiSEEK Ltd
  • New Chemical Entities. When no existing drugs can be modified to address a particular disease then the SEEK Group makes an entirely new medicine. We only undertake this activity when we have a clear differentiation in the target or approach compared with our competitors and for major diseases that do not have an existing effective treatment. These products can take a long time to get to market and the investment risks are higher.