SEEK Management Team

A strong team of executives and scientists with long-term pharmaceutical and healthcare industry experience, encompassing research discovery and development, finance and business development, sales and marketing, that all combine to contribute towards SEEK’s success.

Gregory A. Stoloff B.Com, M.Ec, ACA

Chief Executive Officer

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Gregory Stoloff founded SEEK – formerly known as PepTcell – in 2004 after a distinguished career in investment banking spanning 20 years, working in a broad range of institutions including Deutsche Bank and UBS. He initially concentrated on corporate finance and was involved in numerous mergers and acquisitions and structured finance with an emphasis on the healthcare industry, including mergers by GlaxoSmithKline, Aventis and Pfizer. Gregory then moved on to concentrate on project finance and was involved in financings for major pharmaceutical companies such as Roche, Merck and Novartis and across various other sectors. Gregory also has a wealth of experience in advising and working with medical research companies.
Gregory is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has spent many years researching scientific medical issues, specifically related to the immune system. He has also been involved in several publications, recounting research in the peptide space and is listed as an inventor in numerous patents for cancer, HIV, mosquito-borne diseases and influenza.
Gregory has been instrumental in the development of the concepts pursued by SEEK and has been the driving force behind the Group’s continued growth and diversification.

Dr Robin Bannister Ph.D.

CEO Strategy and Business Development

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Robin Bannister joined the Group in 2008 when his Company, Biocopea, was acquired by SEEK – then known as PepTcell. Robin focuses on the discovery of novel biology based on existing drugs and drug templates and the subsequent identification and exploitation of high–value, low-risk products. Robin is a successful drug-discovery and development entrepreneur. Before founding Biocopea, Robin co-founded Arakis, which successfully discovered, developed and licensed a pipeline of products and was acquired by Sosei Corporation in 2005. Arakis’ pipeline was the basis for successfully raising over £50m during a five-year period. Arakis licensed its lead product to Novartis, in the largest European biotech deal in 2005, with a headline value of $325m and was subsequently sold to Sosei Corporation in the same year. Robin served on the Board of Sosei until leaving in 2008. Prior to this, Robin was at Chiros, Chiroscience and Celltech (as Preclinical Development Director). Robin’s early career was at Smith Kline and French.

Robin is a chemist by background training and studied at Imperial College, London receiving his PhD in 1988.

John Brew B.Sc., MPhil

Head of Biology

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Pharmacologist with experience in animal models, toxicology, regulatory and project management

Dr Olga Pleguezuelos

Scientific Officer and Project manager

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PhD from Aberdeen University and postdocs at Newcastle and Queen Mary universities – experienced in immunological assays and clinical trial project management